14 myth-busting additions to Infinite Accordion

14 myth-busting additions to Infinite Accordion

Posted by on Dec 26, 2013 in Blog, Videos

If you or your friends still think that accordions are only good for playing polkas, below is a very brief sampling of the latest additions to the Infinite Accordion playlist that should clear things up. In all, I added over 170 new songs from over 80 international artists.

Check out Infinite Accordion to hear these and many other great songs with accordion from all over the world.

Michel Teló – Bará Berê

Cucu Diamantes – Más Fuerte

Mahala Raï Banda – Balkan Reggae (Manasseh Mix)

Wintergatan – Sommarfågel

Nahkarouska – Värttinä

Pad Brapad – Ben Hora

Poi Dog Pondering – Living with the Dreaming Body

Hot Club of Detroit – Noto Swing

Meatdraw – We’re Not All Gonna Die

Pee Wee King – Ten Gallon Boogie

Lila Downs – Cucurrucucú Paloma

Shakira – La Tortura

El Gran Silencio – Chuntaro Style

Donatan-Cleo – My Słowianie (PG-13 video starts around 0:46)

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